Perbacco® Wine Box 1 bottle 0.75l pack 70 pieces

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PERBACCO® Wine Box 1 bottles 0.75l
Useful interior space 99xH330

PERBACCO® Wine Box is a portable container designed to keep bottles of wine or beer at the ideal temperature, even in the most critical thermal conditions, and resist bumps and falls.

Each package contains 70 pieces complete with cover

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Perbacco® Wine Box is a portable container designed for shipping and transporting bottles that provides protection from impact and temperature changes. It is made of high-density EPS so it provides exceptional impact resistance, light weight and thermal resistance. The Perbacco® wine box solution is unique because it does not require the use of any other packaging material other than those needed for its closure (adhesive tape or heat-sealed strapping).


  • Lid made to contain and limit bottle movement during transport
  • Bottle base is designed in a radial shape with variable thickness in order to cushion the most violent shocks
  • Base and lid are designed to be sealed by tape and/or heat-sealed strapping allowing the box to be shipped as is. Both also feature interlocks that make Perbacco wine box easy to stack
  • Customizable with four-color digital printing on two long sides
  • 100% recyclable


  • External dimensions mm: 135x135x H375
  • Useful interior space for inserting contents Bordolesi - Renane - Champagnotte - Borgognotte bottles or others: 99 x H330
  • Bottle capacity: 0.75l
  • Pieces per package: 70
  • Unit price 6,30 €/PZ
Data sheet
Pieces per pack 70
Bottles capacity 0,75 l
Usable internal space 99x H330
External dimensions 135x135x H375
Insulating material for body and lid Airpop® (EPS)
Thermal insulation hot and cold
Suitable for contact with food Yes
Recyclable 100%
Washable with soap and water
Designed and manufactured in: Italy