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Our products are made with one of the most recyclable materials with the lowest environmental impact imaginable, in other words, air.




Airpop® is thermal insulation. It maintains the temperature for a long time, saving up to 50% of power consumption in buildings. It enables the transportation of vital organs and ensures that we don't burn ourselves when drinking coffee.




Airpop® is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
The best accommodation for bees? An Airpop® Hive!
When the life cycle of an Airpop® product comes to an end, we can break it down and reintroduce it into the manufacturing process to make thermoplastic products and items for building insulation.

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Airpop® is safety. It protects everything that matters: our lives and those of our children. During trips to the seaside, outdoor excursions and road trips. We do not see it but it is there.

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Airpop® preserves our food, assuring us that we will always find it fresh...

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... and intact

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